Monday, March 9, 2009

Grocery Deals - March 8th

Kroger has buy one get one free chicken this week, so we stocked up and got 6 packages.

I ended up not using that many coupons this week, and so my totals were definitely helped by all the b1g1 frees!

Shelf price : $135.98
OOP : $65.72
Saved : $70.26
Pct : 52%

2 packages of chicken breasts
2 packages of chicken thighs
2 packages of chicken drumsticks
Ice cream sandwiches
Stouffers flatbread
2 quaker oatmeal boxes
Light bulb
3 fuze drinks
Sea salt grinder
4 saffron rice packets
Jasmine rice
Sea bonds
Jimmy Dean sausages
2 rubber maid containers
2 rubber maid 4 pack mini containers
2 Sara Lee breads
Deli roast potatoes
3 hamburger helpers
Glucerna cereal
Purina one dog food can
Sharp cheddar cheese block
1% milk
Grapes ($0.77lb)
4 green bell peppers ($0.55 each)
1 cucumber
2 red chilis
Yogurt covered pretzels
Root beer
Organic large brown eggs
Curry paste
Coconut lip balm

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