Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Grocery Deals

I did pretty good at Kroger this week, I got 92 items for $65.96, which is roughly $0.71 per item, which isn't bad considering I bought a number of things at full price. I saved 68% in total.

Shelf price : $210.71
Spent : $65.96
Saved : $144.75
Pct : 68%

6 x kleenex tissue boxes
quilted northern
4 x hartz dog biscuits
hunts ketchup
3 x mighty dog canned food
3 x temptations cat treats
6 x speedstick deodorants
Fiji water
2 x smart ones frozen meals
6 x marie callenders froxen meals
sea bonds
14 bananas
2 jalapenos
2 kiwi fruits
5 x fresh corn on the cob
2 x green bell peppers
2 x daisy sour cream
4 x glade candle tins
4 x glade plug ins
3 x sunny delight
jiff peanut butter
2 x chex mix
2 x hot shot ant spray
texas brand chili
3 x kraft 2% shredded cheese
sargento sliced swiss cheese
sargento sliced provalone cheese
fresh mozzerella cheese
mango chutney
nilla wafers
2 x vanilla pudding
12 x zatarains boxed rice mixes
2 x fruit 20 water
land o lakes olive oil butter
2 x dannon danonino yogurts
dannon crush cups yogurt

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