Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Grocery Deals

After last weeks super doubles and all the groceries I bought, I promised the hubby that we wouldn't shop at all the next week. He didn't believe me of course, but I was adamant, no shopping at all... and then I heard that Kroger was following the super doubles with a mega deal. I may have been a little less adamant about it, but still I thought no shopping... until I saw the store ad. As soon as I saw all the potential great deals, it was all over, I had to shop! but I don't think even the hubby could be upset with what we ended up spending, $3.34 for 49 items! we saved 94% and actually it could have been more, but what I didn't realise until later was that my favourite Kroger would no longer double/triple 3 like coupons, only 1, so some of my coupons were taken at face value. I can't say I am happy about the change in policy, as I can only shop once a week, so it definitely lessens my ability to get great deals/stockpile.

Shelf: $83.13
Spent: $3.34
Saved: $79.79
Pct : 94%

8 x sobe water
2 x propel water
horizon chocolate milk single
2 x cinnamon toast crunch cereal
total cereal
3 x hamburger helper
3 x beechnut
2 x betty crocker fruit snacks
2 x jello
2 x cookie mix
nature valley granola clusters
fiber one yogurt
yoplait yoplus yogurt
6 x mighty dog cans
3 x hotshot ant and roach spray
suave deodorant
dial hand soap
2 x pillsbury crescent rolls
3 x grands biscuits
2 x pillsbury sweet rolls
2 x starkist tuna

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Raising Baby Kiwi said...

Wow - That is absolutely amazing! Great Job!

Michele said...

WOW! PLEASE explain how you did this. PLEASE? I try but I can't get it. It seems that I usually spend MORE with coupons.