Sunday, January 4, 2009

First Grocery Deals of 2009!

December was a little slow for coupons and deals, so I was very excited to see the first Sunday paper of 2009 have 5 coupon inserts... and a $2.25 Electrasol coupon, very excited about that one!

I headed out to Kroger this afternoon and I think I did pretty well, and managed to get a number of freebies also!

Shelf Price: $117.99
Paid: $47.81
Saved: $70.18
Pct : 59%

Kroger has a P&G deal this week, if you spend $25 on participating products, they deduct $5 instantly at checkout.
I got a 17lb bag of dog food for $19.99
Charmin for $7.99
= $27.98

- $5 promotion
- $19.99 free dog food coupon
- $0.75 charmin coupon
- $0.25 ecoupon for charmin

So I spent $1.99 for both items

My other great deals, included:

Buy 1 get 1 free El Monterey taquitos, used 1 free El Monterey coupon, so got them both free
Powerade on sale for $0.79, used $0.40 coupons which doubled to $0.80, so 3 free bottles
Fuze on sale for $1, used 3 $0.25 coupons which tripled to $0.75, and then 1 $0.55 coupon, so paid $1.20 for four bottles
Yakisoba noodles on sale for $1 each, used 3 $0.35 coupons, which tripled to $1.05, so the store paid me $0.15 to take them home

The All laundry soap I got at CVS, they have it on sale buy 1 get 1 free, I used a free All coupon, so got 2 free bottles.

All in all not a bad start to 2009!

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