Monday, January 12, 2009

Grocery Deals - January 11th

This week was the first shopping with my new coupon binder... my lovely and original orange binder that I have used ever since I started couponing has been falling apart for the last few months, so one of the things I asked for from DH this Christmas was a new 4 inch case-it binder, that has a shoulder strap. Something I never thought about when I got my original binder was just how heavy all those coupons would be!
I think it will take a little getting used to, as it is a lot bigger than my other one, and takes up more room in the trolley, but I do love that shoulder strap!

My old binder and then the new!

Anyway, onto the shopping... this week at Kroger there were a few deals to be had, and I was very good and didn't actually get all of them, I passed by the free hand soap as DH was with me, as I promised I wouldn't bring anymore into the house as we already have over 30 hand soaps in our stockpile.

My total this week was almost the same as last week, and I did the same P&G deal again, although the toilet paper had gone up by $2 so my total for that deal was not as good as last weeks, but it did mean that I made the $50 total to qualify for the P&G coupon booklet, so that's good.

Shelf price : $112.33
OOP : $43.34
Saved : $68.99
Pct : 61%

My total was not bad, considering DH added in a few items that were full price, and we got a bag of frozen chicken at full price that was $8.99, plus a Wonder Pets toy for Parker's birthday next month.

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