Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Grocery Deals - April 26th

Again this week my savings were below 50%, might have something to do with the fact the hubby kept adding things into the trolley without asking if I had a coupon for it... he knows better than that!!

Shelf price : $144.61
OOP : $82.07
Saved : $62.54
Pct : 43%

Scott paper towels
3 x Angel soft
3 x Steam fresh white rice
Steam fresh vegetable rice
California pizza kitchen frozen pizza
Zatarains frozen chicken alfredo
2 x dove ice cream
Starbucks ice cream
3 x beef patties
Canadian bacon
Hunts ketchup
Potato chips
Heavy whipping cream
Black beans
Chili beans
Lloyds bbq'd beef
Orange soda
Pace pico de gallo
Sure deodorant
Sandwich buns
Purina kitten chow
Promised land 2% milk
2 x dog food cans
Dole coleslaw
4 x light yogurts
Tobasco sauce
Reynolds foil
Dog treats
Coleslaw dressing
La Choy sweet and sour sauce
Weight watchers mexican shredded cheese
2 x Barilla pasta
1lb ground beef
Whole chicken
5 x bananas
Sour cream
Reusable bag
2 x Quaker quakes
3 x McCormick seasonings
Vegetable oil
Heartburn tablets
3lbs Onions
2 x Green bell peppers
A&W root beer

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