Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Grocery Deals - May 24th

I did a little better this week as far as savings/percentage goes, and I was especially pleased with that because I have started to buy things for a street party out neighbourhood is having at the end of June. So, the drink mixes, soda (except for the pepsi, that's the hubbys!) paper plates, napkins and some of the ketchup, mayo, bbq sauce and A1 sauce is for the party.
A few other good deals included the fresh raspberries for $0.99 (not quite as good as the $0.79 I paid a few weeks back, but still good) and the green peppers were $0.20 each, which is the lowest price I have seen them.
One frustrating thing was that I bought the meal deal that Kroger was offering this week (buy ribs get a number of other items free) and in the past the free items came off with no problem, but when I got back to the car and checked the reciept I notoced I was charged for all those items, so had to go back to customer service and get my refund, which I eventually did get but it wasn't that easy.

My numbers were adjusted from the totals on the recipet because I had to go back and get a $4.92 refund for being charged for items that should have been free.
Shelf price : $195.73
OOP : $75.56
Saved : $119.97

2 x Clorox bleach
A&W root beer
Cherry cola soda
Pepsi 6 bottle pack
Lays chips
Kettle chips
Eggo waffles
2 x pedigree canned dog food
Pedigree dentastix
3 x Purina kitten chow
Zatarains frozen chicken alfredo
3 x Sure deodorant
Suave deodorant
El Monterey frozen taquitos
Beef patties
Hot italian sausages
Sweet italian sausages
Pork ribs
1lb fresh green beans
5 x green peppers
3 x corn on the cob
Watermelon quarter
2 x Dial hand soap
Thomas english muffins
Kroger brand napkins
Kroger brand paper plates
Hefty brand paper plates
Vaseline lotion
3 x Hunts ketchup
2 x Kraft mayo
Hellmans mayo
4 x Kraft bbq sauce
3 x A1 sauce
Kroger bbq ribs
Cheese slices
Light bulbs
2 x canned black beans
Ranch beans
Canned beets
Weber cajun seasoning
Kroger potato salad
4 x Country time pink lemonade mixes
Kool-aid cherry mix
Kool-aid tropical punch mix
2 x donuts
2 x Magic erasers
Kraft steak and cheddar sub
Digorno frozen flat bread
2 x shower cleaner refills

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