Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Grocery Deals

It's been a long time since I have posted any grocery deals, and I did this shop last tuesday, but with moving and everything we didn't have internet last week so I wasn't able to post it then. This was a fun shop not only because my total was only $0.13 but because my mum is here from England, and so she got to see how much I can save with coupons.

Shelf: $118.99
Spent: $0.13
Saved: $118.86
Pct : 99%

15 x del monte canned tomatoes
6 x campbell's cream of chicken soup
2 x campbell's cream of mushroom soup
2 x campbell's chunky soup
4 x carnation evaporated milk
3 x hormel chili masters
2 x dole mandarin oranges
3 x honest tea
4 x propel water
2 x martha white muffin mix
temptations cat treats
air wick apple cinnamon candle
2 x dawn dish soap
cap'n crunch cereal
bestlife buttery spread
Lays salt and vinegar chips
van de kamps beer battered fish
edwards chocolate silk pie
edwards key lime pie
barilla pasta
4 x ronzoni smart taste spaghetti
2 x ronzoni smart taste rotini

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Soon to bee said...

wow!!!! You are my hero!!!, wat great deals you get with your grocerys. Im from México and back here we dont have such ting as cupons, but wen i saw this i was so jealous jajaja. contrats!!!

Megan said...

Where do you find your coupons? I shop at Kroger, but I never know where to look for mfg coupons and where to find out if they are doing double or triple coupons!! That is awesome!