Thursday, December 16, 2010

Toad In The Hole

I have not had a good old english toad in the hole for a very long time. My mum made this for us, and I have already told her that she has to make it again before she leaves.

4oz plain flour
4 large eggs
½ pint milk
2 tbsp fresh thyme
6 english pork sausages
2 tbsp vegetable oil
Salt and peppr

1. To make the batter, sift the flour into a large bowl. Add the salt and pepper

2. Make a well in the centre of the flour and add the eggs. Using a wooden spoon, gradually beat the eggs into the flour then slowly beat in the milk

3. Stir in the thyme. Cover and leave to stand for up to 4 hours

4.Preheat the oven 400F

5.Heat a large skillet and cook the sausages until golden-brown all over

6.Place the vegetable oil into an ovenproof dish and heat in the oven for five minutes or until the dripping is very hot

7.Add the sausages to the hot dish and pour in the batter. Immediately return the dish to the oven and cook for 35-40 minutes until well-risen and golden-brown.

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Susan Roquet said...

This sounds very good, sort of like yorkshire pudding with sausages. Do you know where I can get the English sausages. I don't see them in local grocery stores. However, a restaurant in the area has them. I don't know if they'd share, they probably get them from a restaurant supplier. Any help would be appreciated. Susan R.

British American said...

I found you through Eat at Home Cooks sausage link up.

I'm a British expat too - moved to WI from Merseyside in 2001.

I'm checking out your English themed posts now. I had to idea you can make bread sauce - I guess that makes sense. I always had my parents bring me the packet stuff so I could have it at Christmas.

My American husband doesn't like the lemon and sugar pancakes either - he said it tastes like sand, because it's gritty!

Have you made it back to the UK since your 2009 Bonfire post? I've not been back since 2003 - mainly because we had babies in 2005, 2007 and 2011. One day I'll be back there to visit.

I don't think I've ever even had toad in the hole. Just pinned your bread sauce though. :)