Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christmas Decorating

I love to decorate, and in the six years that I have lived in the States, I have truly embraced the American ways of decorating for Christmas. Back home in England we decorated a tree but never any outside lights or decorations, it just wasn't the English way!

I can never take good pictures of our tree, probably because my camera is not the greatest and I'm definitely no great photographer, but even though this picture doesn't do it justice, here is our tree:

This year as I do not have any daycare kids, I put my Christmas village in front of the fireplace... I have a feeling I'll be hoovering up fake snow all month as our 3 puppies seem to love putting their little noses in it!

Lastly, to make this somewhat food related, as it is a food blog, a message board I participate in has a monthly food challenge and this month it is Christmas cookies... I didn't grow up making or eating Christmas cookies, in England we would leave a mince pie and a glass of sherry out for Santa (or Father Christmas as we call him) I'm not sure why my Mum had us leave the sherry, I guess she wanted to send Santa on his way a little merrier than when he arrived! anyway, I'm sure I'll be posting my Christmas cookies, once I have decided what kind I'll be making!

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