Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Grocery Totals - June 14th

This week was much like last week, where we ended up going to a number of stores.
Kroger - had to get the last of the paper plates for our neighbourhood party this weekend, and while I was there grabbed a few other great deals on deodorant and cheese
Central Market - The hubby wanted to get some strawberry rhubarb danish spread that we can only get there, and I'm certainly not going to turn down the chance to shop at central market!
Target - I needed to get some starbucks coffee for my tassimo and Target has the best price, picked up some strawberries for $0.99 and a great deal on Hefty green bags
Walmart - I really don't like shopping at walmart, the one by my house is pretty dirty and I always get hassle about my coupons, but it's the only store that I have found over the moon milk at and I had $1.50 off each one coupons to use and I finally used the free kashi coupon
HEB - The hubby wanted to get some beef short ribs and HEB has the best price for those and he stocked up on some other meats while we were there


Shelf price : $28.03
OOP : $6.69
Saved : $21.34
Pct : 76%

3 x Hefty plates
3 x Sure deodorant
3 x Suave deodorant
3 x Kraft 2% shredded cheese

Central Market:

3 x bananas
Red seedless grapes
Red bell pepper
4 x potatoes
1/2 lb button mushrooms
4 x Texas peaches
2 x nectarines
1 bunch fresh mint
1 bunch fresh chives
1 lb shredded cheddar cheese
1/2 lb shredded monterey jack cheese
1/2 lb beemster cheese
1/2 lb fresh mozzarella bocconcini
Rothchilds farm horseradish sauce
Strawberry rhubarb danish spread
Whole milk
Ciabatta bread
6 x bagels
Spicy chicken curry couscous

I can't find my reciept but I know the total was around $60.00 or so


Shelf price : $46.87
OOP : $22.34
Saved : $24.53

Hershey bliss chocolates
Iceberg lettuce
1 lb strawberries
Starbucks tassimo coffee
Naproxem sodium tablets
2 x hefty green bags
Hefty bags
Ziploc containers
Pedigree dentastix
2 x pedigree canned dog food
Fathers day card
canned green beans
Archer farms yellow curry mix


Shelf price : $9.37
OOP : $3.19
Saved : $6.18
Over the moon fat free milk
Over the moon 1% milk
6 white onions
Kashi frozen meal


Unsweetened iced tea $1.99
Fresh pineapple $3.99
2 x green bell peppers $1.00
Red onion $0.97
Celery $1.49
3 x black plums $1.25
Watermelon quarter $1.49
Pork loin roast $5.24
Short ribs $3.09
Short ribs $3.09
Short ribs $3.87
8 x beef patties $7.55

Total: $33.02

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~Sara said...

Looks like you had some pretty good savings. Great job!