Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Grocery Totals - June 7th

This week I ended up shopping at 3 different stores, and not because there were deals I couldn't pass up. I did the usual Kroger trip, a quick stop at Whole Foods and then a trip to Central Market just because I was feeling down, and that's where I go when I need cheering up!

Does anyone else find grocery stores calming? the Hubby finds it completely strange that going to the grocery store can make me happy, and especially when it comes to Central Market. I remember just over a year ago, we had some devastating news from an immigration interview, and mid panic attack I made the hubby drive me to the nearest store as I needed to calm down.

Anyway, it was the hubby's idea to go to Central Market this weekend, simply because he could tell I was a little down and even though it is definitely more expensive than the regular store, I truly do not care and love every minute of shopping there. I love all the unique and interesting things you can find there, I love how fresh and delicious their produce is and I especially love the British cheese section.


Shelf price : $93.34
OOP : $38.92
Saved : $54.42
Pct : 58%

3 x 20 count Bayer aspirin crystals
Iceberg lettuce
3 x Bananas
8 x nectarines
1 lb Strawberries
2 x Lysol
2 x Lysol neutra air
Oust spray
Thomas English muffins
4 x A1 steak sauce
2 x velveeta shells and cheese
Velveeta cheese block
Chili beans
Jar of sliced jalapenos
Grands biscuits
Kitchen gloves
Swiffer cleaning solution
McCormick sea salt grinder
McCormick pepper grinder
2 x Pedigree dog food cans
3 x Purina kitten chow
Digorno frozen flatbread
6 x 2ltr pepsi bottles
A&W 2ltr root beer

Central market:

There aren't really any deals to be had there, although they do frequently send out free item coupons and have now started doing meal deals like HEB does. The deals I got this time, included free 1lb of potato salad and 1lb of slaw when you bought a rotisserie chicken, free yogurt when you bought granola, free pound of chicken breasts when you spent over $40, and $1.50 off their organic ice cream.

Shelf price : $106.28
OOP : $73.23
Saved : $33.05

5 x Texas peaches
English cucumber
4 x Shallots
1 bulb garlic
2 x baking potatoes
1.5lbs Yellow dutch potatoes
2.8lbs Red creamer potatoes
Organic vanilla ice cream
Organic butter pecan ice cream
1lb Chicken breasts
1/2 rack chipotle bbq ribs from deli
Beijing roti rotisserie chicken
Bulk coarse black pepper
Bulk israeli toasted couscous
Granola clusters
1lb vanilla almond granola
Cascade vanilla yogurt
2 x bagels
1lb potato salad from deli
1lb coleslaw from deli
Spicy chicken couscous from deli
Native Texan bby sauce
Promised land 2% milk
2 x Central Market organic vegetable broth
Creme brulee from bakery
Pot de creme from bakery

Whole Foods:

My final stop was at Whole Foods and I only stopped there to get my latest food obsession - vanilla chobani. Now, I would never usually spend $1.69 on one yogurt, but I am in love with this stuff, and combine it with granola and I can't get enough of it. So, even though I wouldn't pay $1.69 for a 4 pack of yogurt at Kroger I pay it for my chobani because it is so worth it.

7 x Vanilla chobani $11.83

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EAT! said...

Our new yogurt of choice. I can get it for $1.59 and it still kills me to buy it. But topped with berries- yum!