Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Last week when the hubby opened the freezer and the only meat he found inside was a couple of packages of ground turkey, I knew a trip to HEB would be in our future! The hubby likes to stock up on meat from HEB and even though it means a much higher grocery bill for the week as I really can't get the deals I can at Kroger, I really don't mind as we get a lot of meat for the price we pay and it keeps the hubby happy!

Shelf: $148.72
Spent: $120.34
Saved: $28.38

3 x Bananas $0.52
3 x green bell peppers $1.74
Italian parsley $0.58
3 x Courgettes $1.64
2 x avocado $1.00
3 lbs yellow onions $2.21
10 lbs russet potatoes $3.47
Cucumber $0.48
Belgian waffles $1.50
Egg rolls $1.98 after coupon
Zatarains frozen dirty rice $2.48
Fage yogurt $1.25
Heavy whipping cream $1.60
Butter $1.68
Frozen peas $0.99
2% milk $2.99
Shredded mozzarella free after coupon
Ricotta $1.67
Kraft american singles $3.48
Dozen large eggs Free after coupon
Wallaby organic vanilla yogurt $1.25
Wallaby organic lemon yogurt Free after coupon
Dannon coffee yogurt $0.38
Ribeye steak $10.48
6 x ground chuck patties $5.19
6 x ground chuck patties $5.10
Ground sirloin $3.27
ground sirloin $3.27
Beef short ribs $5.82
Pork tenderloin $4.43
Pork chops $5.45
Chicken breasts $6.50
Chicken thighs $5.95
Hot sausage $2.00
2 x starkist tuna pouches $0.78 after coupon
3 x McCormick hot taco seasoning $1.32 after coupon
HRB taco seasoning free after coupon
Mission taco shells free after coupon
Hefty bags $0.98 after coupon
purina one dog biscuits $3.17
Skinner manicotti $1.77
Kashi cereal free after coupon
Oscar Mayer shaved turkey $2.98
Macaroni grill chicken alfredo $2.79 after coupon
Kraft mayo free after coupon
Thomas english muffins $1.99
oroweat potato bread free after coupon
Central market organic vegetable broth $1.99
Diced tomatoes free after coupon
Apple juice $1.58
capri sun $1.88
A&W root beer $1.25
Heinz ketchup $1.14 after coupon
Ken's raspberry pecan dressing $2.26
Campbells chicken corn chowder $1.50
Libby's corn $0.77
Pinto beans $0.50
Navy beans $0.50
Refried black beans free after coupon

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