Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Grocery Deals

It's been 2 months since I posted any grocery deals, but I basically took a break from couponing over the holidays, and even though we ended up spending more it was worth it! 2 months without clipping and filing coupons, and 2 months without stressing over deals and getting frustrated at the hubby for wanting to buy things at full price. However, I am getting the coupon binder organised this week, and was happy to see 5 inserts in the paper last weekend (even of one of them contained the dreaded $2.50 off finish coupon!) but I am determined to not get so obsessed with deals this year, it really doesn't matter if I miss a few deals here and there, they all come around again anyway!

Shelf: $114.30
Spent: $60.74
Saved: $53.56
Pct : 47%

I didn't use that many coupons this week, but I didn't do that badly considering I haven't updated the coupon binder in a couple of months!

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Kristy said...

How do you save so much?