Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Grocery Deals

Another Kroger mega deal, but the good news this week is that my favourite store will now double/triple 3 like coupons again, very happy about that!
This week we got 65 items for $6.81, which is great but when I got home and checked the receipt I found that a number of my loadable coupons did not come off, but I can't really complain, as saving 92% is pretty great!

Shelf: $117.20
Spent: $6.81
Saved: $110.39
Pct : 92%

8 x fruit20 water
4 x sobe water
3 x beechnut
2% milk gallon
barilla whole wheat pasta
3 x hamburger helper
3 x tuna helper
yakisoba noodles
2 x fiber one yogurt
2 x yoplus yogurt
yoplait delights
2 x old el paso taco shells
old el paso taco seasoning
3 x cookie mix
2 x keebler 100 calorie packs
nature valley granola bars
2 x nature valley nut clusters
3 x betty crocker fruit snacks
3 x pillsbury grands
2 x toaster strudels
herbal essences conditioner
6 x mighty dog cans
5 x chef michael double pack canned dog food
2 x chef michael single cans of dog food
3 x chef michael dry food bags

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Colleen said...

How on earth did you get all those coupons? I wish I could get deals like that....

Mary Moss said...


Donna said...

I'm with Colleen- how'd you get that many coupons? ANd do they allow you to use more than one per item????

I can only get about 50% off my bill- you did amazingly well!!

Sarah said...

I get the coupons from the sunday paper as well as printable ones online. I also load coupons onto my kroger card (cellfire, shortcuts etc)

The only time I use more than one coupon for one item is if I have an actual coupon and a loadable coupon, otherwise it's one coupon per item.

Colleen said...

Wow, too bad Safeway doesn't do stuff like that....and no Kroger anywhere near us.

Sarah said...

Colleen -

You can load coupons from shortcuts onto your safeway card.

Cellfire can be loaded onto a Randalls card, which I think is the same as Safeway, so you might want to check that out also


Tanya said...

That is cool that you have a store that doubles coupons. There is nothing like that where I live. Good job.

Colleen said...

I wanted to say thank you for the links. I did fine some things I could use but for the most part the offers available to me for Safeway were convenience foods or things I don't use. I'll keep an eye out for good deals, I hope that they have things that are on my grocery list in the future. Thank you again.