Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Grocery Deals

I did not do as well this week as I did last week, and even though I saved 87% it should have been better, but a number of loadable coupons did not come off and some of my free coupons were entered at the wrong price.

Shelf: $101.91
Spent: $12.58
Saved: $89.33
Pct : 87%

3 x pepsi
10 x fruit20 water
capri sun
kraft dressing
kraft bbq sauce
heinz gravy
3 x libbys canned veg
ritz crackers
ritz crackerfulls
2 x shells and cheese
2 x shells and cheese cups
2 x spam (was free with coupon, so I got it for my dogs!)
3 x beechnut
2 x minute maid frozen novelties
2 x nut clusters
6 x buitoni pasta
4 x old el paso taco seasoning
2 x jello
9 x chef michael canned dog food
4 x chef michael dry dog food
carvers dog treats

We also stopped at target to get the last of the free dog food and some great glade deals. I did 3 seperate transactions, so I stacked the receipts for the picture, but I combined them all for the totals. I made a slight mistake at Target and forgot to hand over one of the peelies for the glade sense and spray so my total should have been around $3, instead it was $5.

Shelf: $97.76
Spent: $5.89
Saved: $91.87

3 x chef michael dry food
3 x chef michael pouches
3 x glade sense and spray
3 x glade candles
2 x glade lasting impressions
2 x glade reed diffuser

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