Monday, September 14, 2009

Grocery Deals

I got 75 items this week at Kroger, spent only $0.28 and saved 98%.

Shelf: $140.47
Spent: $0.28
Saved: $140.19
Pct : 98%

4 x healthy choice frozen meals
2 x edwards frozen singles
2 x sausage gravy
simply potatoes hash browns
3 x keebler cookies
2 x salt and pepper grinders
3 x barilla whole grain pasta
10 x fruit20 water
3 x horizon milk singles
2% milk gallon
crystal light lemonade mix
bayer aspirin crystals 20 count box
Kettle party size bag of chips
kroger yogurt
peter pan peanut butter
kroger 6 pack raisins
english muffins
3 x dial hand soap
2 x beechnut
milk bone dog biscuits
chef michael dry dog food
9 x chef michael double pack cans
6 x mighty dog
2 x pedigree cans
4 x purina one cans
4 x friskies cans
4 x fancy feast double packs
cottonelle 20 pack

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Ann said...

WOW, that was a awesome trip!

Savings Ninja said...

I second that "WOW"... you did amazing!

Lady Farrah's by Locklear said...

You are truly an inspiration! I am just now learning about couponing. Where did you get all of your coupons? How did you know what to buy? I live in Tennessee and shop at Kroger like you. The only real couponing source I have is the Red Plum booklet I occassionally get in the mail. My newspaper doesn't really have that much to offer. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

Tiffanee said...

That is so amazing! You are my HERO!!

Adouma said...

I am amazed. You are my new coupon superstar. I come to learn, sensei. :-)

Mary Moss said...

Ditto what the others have shared! What you've been able to accomplish is my own goal for groceries.

I'm striving toward your success:-)

Faithful said...

I would like to know how do you end paying just .28 cents. Do you used any competitors coupons?

Sarah said...

No, no competitors coupons. Just coupons from the paper and printables. What really helped me was the Kroger coupon for $20 off a $100 purchase.

Jen said...

Holy cow! That is an amazing savings. I do pretty well myself, but never saved 98%!

Donna said...

Unbelievable. I've never managed to break 60% savings. Do you compile your own lists or do you subscribe to a list?

Do you give lessons?