Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Grocery Deals

I don't often have bad coupon experiences at Kroger, but unfortunately this trip was one of those times. I had planned out the mega deals so that my total should have been around $1.00 but because the cashier wouldn't scan two of my $4 coupons and because I didn't get one of my mega deal $5 instant discounts, my total was $14.34. Still not bad considering I saved 86%, but very frustrating when you are expecting it to be a very minimal out of pocket trip and it ends up not working out that way.

Shelf: $115.30
Spent: $14.34
Saved: $100.96
Pct : 86%

12 x hunts canned tomatoes
3 x rotel
3 x wheat thins
2 x ritz
5 x toaster strudels
van de kamps breaded fish
3 x green giant steamers
Raisin bran cereal
2 x goldfish crackers
2 x nut clusters
2 x chex mix
2 x kraft cheese
Daisy sour cream
Hormel pepperoni
4 x sobe water
Sunny D
3 x french's mustard
4 x suave deodorant
2 x beggin strips
2 x chef michaels dog food cans
Oroweat bread
2 x knox gelatin

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