Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Grocery Deals

I made a coupon mistake while shopping, I forgot the 2 buy 1 get 1 free coupons for the purex (that's what happens when you shop while sick!)so my total was a little higher than I was expecting.

Shelf: $85.41
Spent: $40.02
Saved: $45.39
Pct : 53%

4 x green bell peppers
English cucumber
3 x parsnips
1 lb red potatoes
4 x tomatoes
10 x oranges
Sliced apples, 8 pack
Whole wheat bread
Sara Lee sliced turkey
2 x hot sausage
Country crocl
Colby jack sliced cheese
provolone sliced cheese
2 x strawberry yogurts
Pillsbury biscuits
Pillsbury orange rolls
Pillsbury cinnamon rolls
White iced tea with pomegranate
2 x kraft salad dressings
Hefty trash bags
Aluminium foil
4 x purex
3 x suave bodywash
Ghiradelli brownie mix
Pedigree dog treats

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I also had some ECB's that were about to expire, so went to CVS

Spent: $0.03

2 x scott paper towels
Colgate toothpaste

I used a $5 off $15 purchase coupon, $10 ecb and 2 $1 off scott and $1 off colgate coupons and only spent $0.03 out of pocket and got back $2 ecb's for the colgate.